Gill Education eBooks

Gill Education’s smart, reliable and easy-to-use eBook platform is designed to enrich the teaching and learning experience for you and your students. It allows you to explore the possibilities of using our eBooks in your classroom, while supporting and guiding you as you do so.

Key Features of Gill Education eBooks

  • Available on all leading devices (iOS/Android/Windows)
  • Can be used offline, guaranteeing uninterrupted access
  • Can be downloaded on up to six of your devices
  • Automatically secured on our cloud back-up system ­­
  • Interactive tools guarantee quality engagement
  • Enriched with resources that add real value to each title

How can I see samples of all of Gill Education’s available eBooks?

To see samples of all of Gill Education’s eBooks, you need to download our app. For more information on this process please click here. When you open the app, you will see samples of all of Gill Education’s eBooks ready for you to download.

I am a teacher and have adopted a Gill Education title for my class, how do I get my complimentary eBook?

- If you have received one of our print titles with an eBook activation code on the inside back cover, you can activate that code here.

- If you do not already have an activation code for the eBook you require, please click here to complete an eBook request form and an activation code will be sent out to you. Please note, you will also need your school roll number and a copy of your booklist to complete this process.

How can I buy a Gill Education eBook?

To purchase a Gill Education eBook, please go to the Gill Education website and search for your title. Once you find it, you will see the option to buy it in either print or eBook format.

I have an eBook activation code. How do I activate my eBook?

To activate your Gill Education eBook click here.
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